How to Choose The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

How to choose the best hairstyle for your face shape if it is diamond shapped.

How to Choose The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape – “Perfect Cut for Face and Hair Type”

How to choose the best hairstyle for your face shape if it is round or square, oval or triangular. The shape of your face determines what hairstyles will look good on you. Your hairstyle plays a great role in making you look as dazzling as ever. A hairstyle that fits your color, face, personality, hair texture and lifestyle can make you look best in any dress, and during any part of the day.

The most important points to remember when choosing the perfect hairstyle for your face shape would be your hair type and the color of your complexion. It is always better to choose your hairstyle depending on your hair type, as this helps you avoid spending too much time with your hair.

General Hairstyle Tips to Consider:

Short wispy hairstyle with fringe on women over 70.

A short, wispy cut will look good on a round face at any age.

  • A short or cropped style will help a short neck to look longer, as will long hair piled up
  • Hair close around the face will help camouflage a double chin
  • A short cut will look good on a person with a well-formed neck, delicate features, firm jaw, and / or a well-shaped head.
  • Long hair will look good on a person with very healthy, shiny hair, if it’s cut in an up-to-date hairstyle and doesn’t fall below the cleavage.
  • Layered cuts can soften facial features
  • A chin-length cut of straight hair will look good on a long face, as will curls and waves, but not styles which pile the hair up
  • A short, spiky cut will look good on a square face, as will any sleek style that extends below the jaw line

Fine and Thinning Hair

Fullness at the crown is best when a face is elongated and the neck is not to short, because the neck acts as a counter balance.

Short Straight Casual Hairstyle with Side Swept BangsFine and thin hair looks better when cut in a short bob with bangs of interest. Such hairstyles only need some blow-drying after shampooing. If you attempt at growing your thin hair long and then making curls, you will have to use lots of hair products, heat stylers and hair spray to try and get your curls to last even till lunch time. If you have thick and wavy hair, you can keep it long or short, and be able to dry your hair without the help of any blow dryer.

Those older women with pale complexions should choose brunette shades to look younger, while women of any age, having a light complexion, will look great with auburn hair. Women having olive or dark complexions are the luckiest, as they have maximum choices for their hair colors. They look good in most colors, including blond, brown with red highlights, and burgundy.

It is important you know, and keep your face shape in mind when choosing the perfect hairstyle for yourself. If you don’t know your hairstyle, you just have to pull your hair back, and decide if your face looks heart shaped, diamond shaped, triangular or square shaped.

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Women with triangular faces look great with short hairstyles while those with oval faces look great in just about any style. Those with diamond shaped faces find chin length hairstyles to look best on them, while women with heart-shaped faces look great with soft chin-length styles, with curls.

If you have a square face, layers that are nice, and thin with a short to mid length cut looks great on you. Side parting with curving layers that fall around your face tends to remove the squareness of your face. Avoid too short hairstyles that stop above the chin, as this accentuates your square jaw line.

Women with heart faces should have chin length or longer cuts with fringes or wispy layers to reduce the broad forehead. Curls also look great as they create an oval jaw line to make you look glamorous. However, avoid slicking your hair back and too much height, as this only accentuates your broad forehead.

Women with round faces need a longer cut which is longer than the chin. The best choices are razor cuts or long graduated layers as they make your face look longer. With height and flat tresses found on the sides of your ears, your face gets a better look. Whatever you choose, avoid center parting as this increases the shortness of your face.

If you are still unsure of  how to choose the best hairstyle for your face shape yourself, you can always look through hair style magazines and websites to get ideas. Discuss these hairstyles with your hairdresser, as they are the best judge in determining the best hair style for you.

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