Pictures of Hairstyles – “Lasting Impressions Begin with Great Hair!”

100’s of Pictures of Hairstyles – “Find One Right for You”

Medium Length Hairstyle with georgous medium barrel curlsOur pictures of hairstyles are here to help decide on a new look. If your stuck in a hair rut you’ve come to the right place. Every one wants a new hairstyle now and then. It is often said that if your hair looks good you feel good too! Why is that? Simply, because we think a bad head of hair creates a negative perception of us.

If you are like most women today you want a hairstyle that’s easy to wear, simple to style and one which you can change slightly for a different look.

We have collected hundreds of pictures of hairstyles in our gallery for you to review. The hairstyles are pictures of real people, and we now feature a few pictures of celebrity hairstyles.

Visit the Hair Tips section where you will find practical information to help you choose a hairstyle along with hair care advice – Face Shape and Hair, How to Choose the Hairstyle Right for You.

Fresh and Trendy Hairstyles for the Summer “Easy to Style and Keeping You Cool”

Hairstyle Trends for 2023 “Cutting Edge and Some Revisited”“Looking for a fresh and trendy hairstyle for the summer? Here are some popular women hairstyles that are easy to style and will keep you cool and comfortable in the hot weather.”

Hairstyle trends 2023 are twists on some old styles adorned with new trendsetters. Read More

Create a Sexy Long Hairstyle with Medium Barrel Curling Iron

Video - Create a Sexy Long Barrel Curl Hairstyle

In this how to hairstyle video, Johnny Lavoy shows you how to create a sexy, long hairstyle with a medium barrel curling iron.

It’s an incredibly beautiful loose curl look and a simple style. Read More


A Successful Hair Color Correction Makeover “From Red Orange to Beautiful Natural Brown”

Hair Color Correction from Red Orange to Beautiful Brown with Lowlights“Bobbi Jo Valdez gets a gorgeous hair color correction makeover at A Gallery Salon, Santa Fe, NM. The final result was stunning!”

Courtesy of A Gallery Salon, Professional Haircolorist Marg Navratil Read More

African American Braids and Locks “Professionally Crafted Braided Master Pieces”

Braids and Locks have been a large part of African tradition for centuries.  Checkout Fatou Kane’s braided masterpieces.

Courtesy of Auphirah African Hair Braiding & Locks, Owner Fatou Kane Read More


Short Hairstyles – “Show Off Short, Shaggy and Chic”

Beautiful young woman with short brown edgy haircut.

Yes, short hairstyles from the edgy to the layered bob with bangs and color are still popular. A Short hairstyle like a jaw length bob can create a magical transformation and sleek look for you.

Short hairstyles can give you a fresh modern look that will never go out of style, and at the same time, will also be more manageable, and a breeze to style. In show off short hairstyles, you have a lot to choose from. Read More

Medium Length Hairstyles – “So Many Great Looks”

Woman with Brunette Medium Length Bob Hairstyle

When it comes to hair length, medium length hairstyles are the most dominant as it is a safe area for all types of hair. Longer lengths can be troublesome to take care of and shorter lengths may not fit different facial shapes or looks as well.

But medium hairstyles seem to be just right for a lot of women. Because it is in between longer and shorter hair lengths, the number of hairstyles increases greatly.  Read More

Hairstyles for Thin Hair – “Disguise Your Thinning Hair”

A young woman with thin hair disguises it with bangs swept to the side

Many women agonize over what hairstyle to choose for their thinning hair. And for good reason. You want a style that not only compliments your facial features but disguises your thinning hair.

When you have thinner hair, it can be hard to find the right hairstyle that will not only compliment your facial shape but also perhaps hide the thinning spots of your hair as well. All too many times the latest and most popular hairstyles tend to only accentuate your thinning hair instead of making you feel more comfortable and fashionable. Read More

Hairstyles for Professional Women – “Follow These Tips”


The working class hairstyle can be difficult to decide on as it depends on a number of factors other than your face. Will it look great in the office and after hours as well?

Choosing the right hairstyle is achieving a compromise for all conflicting factors and still having a confident-boosting outward appearance. The following tips will be useful in helping you choose the appropriate professional hairstyle. Read More

African American Hairstyles – “Long and Luscious to Cute and Curly”

African American women with long brunette hair

There are a lot of cute and stylish hairstyles to choose from for the African American. From the short bob with several different layers or the smooth and sleek look, one of these styles may be for you!

Literally the hairstyles of the past and putting a new cutting edge spin on them is very popular. This year, whether long hair is your preference or you prefer the short and sassy hair styles, they are both in style and you can make either look absolutely fabulous by using the right products to enhance these cuts on a daily basis. Read More

Men Hair Extensions – “Look Younger and More Dynamic”

Young Man with hair extensionsHair extensions are very popular with men today as way to deal with thinning hair and baldness. Many men try all the topical hair remedies with minimal results seek an alternative.

Even if you are not balding and are looking for a bit of a change or a new color but don’t want to go through all the color treatments for highlights, male hair extensions are a great alternative to consider. Read More

1950’s Hairstyles – “An Era of Elaborate and Dressy Hairstyles”

1950 Hairstyles1950s was a time when there was peace and prosperity across the globe. The war had just ended and unlike the utilitarian look that characterized the 1930s and the 1940s, the look of this time was more glamorous.

Every woman during this time aspired to look stylish and well groomed. This was the time when women were just returning to their homes after the demands of wartime. Read More


Hairstyle Trends 2019

Curtain Bangs Still Banging

Ciara Medium Length Straight Bob with BangsBangs continue to be popular in 2019, and this newest update on the style is starting to pop up on everyone from Ciara to Alexa Chung. The curtain fringe is a softer and longer version of the bangs that have been so trendy lately.

They have a soft 70s vibe that makes them look feminine without being too fussy. Once their cut, the key to these trendy bangs is making them look un-styled and effortless.


Lucy Hale Medium Bob Hairstyle

Short, Structured Bobs with Bangs

This short, structured bob gets its name from the fact that it shows up on all our favorite sci-fi heroines. Like many other hairstyle trends 2019, this cut is all about looking strong and empowered. Whether you choose to get it chin length, shoulder length, ear length, with bangs, or without, the one defining feature of this bob is its sleekness.

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