Celebrity Hairstyles – “Inspiration for a New Hairstyle”

Celebrity Hairstyles - Carrie Underwood with a medium length hairstyle

“Celebrity Hairstyles are a Great Source of Inspiration for a New Style.”

Celebrity hairstyles are a great reference point if your looking for a new hairstyle. Celebrities are everywhere and have the time, money and resources to get the best professional hairstyle advice.

Although the latest celebrity hairstyles are great to look at and get inspiration from, they are usually on the trendy side of hairstyles, however they may not be for you. It all depends on your face shape and hair. Check out some of these popular celebrity hairstyles and ones that are trendsetters every year.

Jennifer Aniston’s Long Flowing Casual Styles

Celebrity Hairstyles - Jennifer Aniston long flowing hairstyles through the years“Through the years Jennifer Aniston hairstyle has been known for extremely long blonde locks.”

For a seemingly infinite amount of time now, celebrity the Jennifer Aniston hairstyle has been known for extremely long blonde locks. At times, I think the talented actress has even been overshadowed by the length and style of her hair while her movie performances have taken a back seat.

But now Jennifer has a hairstyle that’s casual and no fuss. It’s still blonde and she still looks very pretty as always but the stylistic difference is visually arresting. The new style with long and subtle layers cut around the front and sides of her medium length nicely frames her round face.

It’s not unusual to see her with such a hairstyle, even though in the past she has sported some short hairstyles before eventually letting it grow down to the middle of her back. The casual style allows her stunning features to be visible, especially her eyes, nose, lips, and oval chin. She hasn’t colored her hair any darker over the years and from all perspectives, the present cut has the exact same color as her prior longish version. It also gives her a much more “girl next door” look. However the new hairstyle does make her look a little older, and less like a twenty something actress.

Rihanna Hairstyles – A Hairstyle Trendsetter Year after Year

Rihanna, from the beautiful island nation of Barbados, with her sultry voice has mesmerized music lovers. And her enchanting face, framed by beautiful Rihanna hairstyles, charmed photographers and won over celebrity critics. Was Rihanna born with naturally beautiful hair that complements her perfect face? She was certainly born with a beautiful voice and good genes, but the gorgeous Rihanna hairstyles are not genetically-designed.

“Rihanna’s hairstyle always compliment her oval and diamond face shape.”

Celebrity Hairstyles - Rihanna HairstylesWith Rihanna’s hairstyles, the only role that genetics played is in determining the shape of her face. The shape of the face is the first and foremost aspect that will decide whether a certain hairstyle is jaw-dropping amazing, just acceptable, or hideously atrocious. And Rihanna is no exception.

Unfortunately, like most shapes of women’s faces, Rihanna’s face shape is a combination of two basic face shapes: the oval and the diamond. The ratio of the length and width of her face closely approaches the classic oval face. But due to her hairline, the width across her forehead is precisely equal to the width across her jaw line. This makes her face shape a diamond. Thus, whoever decides Rihanna’s hairstyles must consider this unique combination. Of course, ordinary fans do not need to become a hairstylist to decide whether a certain Rihanna hairstyle is great or not.

Natalie Portman’s Hairstyle for a Long Face

Celebrity Hairstyles - Natalie Portman's Hairstyles for a Long FaceThe petite actress sometimes wears her lovely long locks loose and pulled over to one shoulder. Her hair is usually styled softly to compliment her long face shape, and styled as to fall in waves down her arms. The updo style conjures up old-Hollywood glamour waves, but with a gentle tousled and undone feel.

While her hairstyles could never be called “messy,” hers are less polished and precise than the sleek updos we see on other starlets. Her hair with long sexy waves emphasizes her eyes. Her soft to-the-side curls are  perfectly matched with her simple purple Rodarte gown and her natural makeup.

Want to copy one of Natalie Portman’s gorgeous styles?.

Kelly Clarkson’s Hairstyles for a Round Face

Kelly Clarkson’s hairstyles made her the favorite singing model for photographers. However, not everyone with a strong voice and a sweet face can wear Kelly Clarkson’s hairstyles. The reason is simple ‘ not everyone has Kelly Clarkson’s face or body shape. By the way Kelly Clarkson is very happy with her body.Celebrity Hairstyles -Kelly Clarkson hairstyles for a round faceAs any hair stylist would attest, it is the shape of the face that decides the best hairstyle. This means that a fan of Kelly Clarkson could not barge into a salon and demand to have a haircut similar to the American Idol. No self-respecting hairstylist will concede. And if some na’ve hairdresser does copy the Kelly Clarkson hairstyle, the result on the fan’s face is not the same. Kelly Clarkson’s face is undoubtedly round.

This does not mean that her face resembles a perfect circle. It means that the width of her face, measured across the cheek, is almost the same as with the length, measured from hairline to the bottom of the chin. There is a difference only of a tenth to a twentieth of an inch. This type of face shape is not frequently found among women. And this is why it may not be a good idea to bring a picture of a Kelly Clarkson hairstyle to a salon. The chances you sharing the same type of face shape as Kelly Clarkson are slim.

Women with the round face shape like Kelly Clarkson can add loads of fun textures to their hair. The hair can have soft layers, fizz, and flicks. These styles add to the illusion of a longer face. Of course, such styles may not be appropriate for women in their 40s. In the meantime, the younger ones can get away with such Kelly Clarkson hairstyles.

And finally, the frames of Kelly Clarkson hairstyles are kept close to the face. The hair creates a curtain on the sides of the face so that the width is greatly reduced. No Kelly Clarkson hairstyle involves a part of the hair being placed behind the ear. For Kelly Clarkson fans who also have a rounder face shape, the five tricks her stylist uses to create an illusion of an oval face are excellent ways to create the illusion of an oval face shape.

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