A Successful Hair Color Correction Makeover – by Haircolorist Marg Navratil

A Successful Hair Color Makeover Correction – from Red Orange to a Beautiful Natural Brown

Model: Bobbi Jo Valdez – Physical Therapy Tech

by Marg Navratil (America Board Certified Hair Colorist, Salon Owner, Makeup Photographer)

I met Bobbi Jo Valdez, Physical Therapy Tech during a 6-week Physical Therapy assignment for sciatica. During my first session I immediately noticed how her red complexion looked with her red orange hair color. I asked if she was happy about her hair color and the answer was a definite no.

I invited Bobbi Jo Valdez to make an appointment at my hair salon, A Gallery Salon, Santa Fe, NM, for a hair color correction makeover. She smiled and immediately agreed to schedule an appointment and soon started the first session. Bobbi Jo subsequently followed up with a 2nd & 3rd session to have low lights and conditioning. The final result was stunning!

Although her hair color correction makeover was a huge success it will be an ongoing procedure until her hair is totally grown out from her past color situation. Our goal was to move Bobbi Jo from her present red orange hair color toward her natural level hair color with several brown colors highlighted in the hair when finished.

Hair Condition: Porosity of 4+.

Color: Very Golden Red color with many lowlights to camouflage the wrong color.

Natural Level of Hair was 2 – 3.

Hair Color Correction Makeover Treatment and Process

  • Malibu Treatment—Crystal Gel Normalizer
  • Malibu—Miracle Repair
  • Olaplex #1 & #2, with take home #3.
  • Haircut was long layers necessary for work
  • Foils—Fine slices with (weaves in the top crown) alternating the following colors
  • A. Matrix—Color Sync 1oz 5N w/1/8 oz. Blue Color Shots–Paul Mitchell—10Vol H2O2
  • B. Chromastics—1 oz 4N w/1/8 oz. Blue Color Shots—Paul Mitchell—10Vol H2O2
  • Regrowth Formula—12A Clairol w/10 Vol H2O2—12 minutes to brighten to reduce difference in the 1.5″ of regrowth.
  • Clear Gloss Sebastian Cellophanes & under the dryer with for 20 minutes, 5 minutes to cool.
  • Shampoo, Conditioned, & Blowout with Chromastics Spray Gel. Roll brush only Makeup was minimal
  • 2nd Session: Beth Minardi Signature Demi-Color–6ICE (1.5 oz), 6BB 1/2 oz)–2 oz 5Vol H2O2
  • 3rd Session: Beth Minardi Signature Demi Color–6NB (1 oz), 5ICE (1 oz), 4BB (3/4 oz)- 2-3/4 oz 5Vol H2O2
  • 35 Minutes

We will continue working with Bobbi Jo until her hair is back to just a minimal low-highlight, couple of levels lighter than Natural Level of 2-3.

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