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A Successful Hair Color Correction Makeover – by Haircolorist Marg Navratil

A Successful Hair Color Makeover Correction – from Red Orange to a Beautiful Natural Brown

Model: Bobbi Jo Valdez – Physical Therapy Tech

by Marg Navratil (America Board Certified Hair Colorist, Salon Owner, Makeup Photographer)

I met Bobbi Jo Valdez, Physical Therapy Tech during a 6-week Physical Therapy assignment for sciatica. During my first session I immediately noticed how her red complexion looked with her red orange hair color. I asked if she was happy about her hair color and the answer was a definite no.

I invited Bobbi Jo Valdez to make an appointment at my hair salon, A Gallery Salon, Santa Fe, NM, for a hair color correction makeover. She smiled and immediately agreed to schedule an appointment and soon started the first session...

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