Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger and Complexion Brighter

As you age try these hairstyles that make you look younger and more radiant.

While there are lots of things you can’t control about getting older, there are some hairstyles that make you look younger and simple things you can do defy your age. Kris Jenner looks radiant here in a longer version of a pixie cut that has a grown out feel to it. Her hairstyle is ideal for medium to thick hair and will work for a variety of face shapes.

The wrong cut or color can add years to your look, just as the right hairdo can take years off. To stop your hairstyle from aging you, give the following easy adjustments a try.

Adjust Your Hair Length

Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger - Med Length Hairstyle on womwn over 50

There is no right or wrong hair length to have at any particular age and you shouldn’t cut your locks or keep your hair at a longer length just because you heard it was the right look for your age.

Your hair length should always be right for your hair type, face shape, lifestyle and personal preference. If you’re worried that your chosen length is aging you, then make adjustments that will improve your finish and your length.

Short hair: keep the lines of your cut soft and blunt with the help of shaggy ends and long layers. It’s lower maintenance and will keep your locks looking modern.

Long hair: a mid-length look that falls just below your shoulders may be more appropriate than super long hair as it looks healthier and doesn’t have the weight to drag-down the features of your face. Again, choppy layers and shape-filled looks will give you a more youthful appearance.

Adjust Your Hair Color

Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger - Short Length Hairstyle on womwn over 50A hair color that is not flattering is one of the quickest ways to add years to your look. Adjust your hair color with the following tips:

Dark hair: if you’re currently sporting dark hair, or like the look of dark hair but feel as if it’s aging you, try a hair hue two or three shades lighter. That way you can keep your dark locks, but the finished color result won’t be as harsh against your mature skin.

Light hair: the danger with light hair as you age is that it may start to look the same as your complexion, which will automatically wash you out. The key is to ensure there’s always some contrast with a deeper tone or some highlights that will make it look like your lighter color has depth. It’s also a good idea to choose a hue that will brighten your complexion.

Grey hair: if you’ve decided to embrace your silver locks then make sure you keep on top of the color. Grey hair can dull your features but you can use shine enhancers and blue or violet shampoos to keep the grey tone in check, and looking as good as possible.

Adjust Your Hairstyle

hairstyles that make you look younger - Short Length black hairstyle on woman over 50 that makes her look youngerWhile an extreme hairstyle was the perfect way to express your individuality growing up, sporting an out there look when you’re older is not as flattering. If you want to keep your hair modern and trendy, look to celebrities the same age as you who are well known for great hair.

They pay top dollar to ensure they look great and wear styles that keep them looking youthful, so take your hairstyling cues from them.

Mature Hairstyle Myths

hairstyles that make you look younger - Short length highlighted straight bob hairstyle on woman over 50 that makes her look youngerAs silly as is sounds – especially if your hair is naturally dark – some people think dark hair on a mature woman looks aging or out of place.

We say it’s all about the choosing the right dark hair color! While blonde hair colors are better for hiding grey and can make you look more youthful, dark locks can also be just as effective.

The trick is to choose a flattering darker shade that will bring out the best in your skin tone and won’t add years to your look. The best way to do this is to choose the right shade for your skin tone and to move away from solid, one tone colors.

Instead, use a mix of hair hues and professionally applied highlights and low-lights to give your darker shade plenty of movement, light and a finish that won’t give you an overly dark tone around your hairline, which is the quickest way to age yourself with color.

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