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Soft Bombshell Hair – Big Bold Hair with Smooth Polished Finishes

High volume blow outs and big bouncy waves will show off amazing hair color and multidimensional highlights.

While there are definitely some edgy looks that will be on trend this year, there is one trend that will appeal to all of the ladies out there who love their hair big and bold. It’s known as bombshell hair! Think Bridgette Bardot body and volume, but with a smooth and polished finish a la Veronica Lake. Lana Del Rey often does the Soft Bombshell hairstyle with a vintage twist on stage, with long tumbling soft waves and a bouffant at the crown.

Sofia Vergara does another version of this ‘do both on and off the red carpet, with a high volume blow out and big bouncy waves throughout her hair. If you love a good sexy, head turning hairstyle, then this is one trend that is made for you...

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Hairstyles For Fall • Get inspired by these hairstyle ideas for Autumn!

A change in the seasons means the chance to change your hairstyle and we’ve got some great suggestions for Fall.

It is so fascinating to see how climatic changes affect the fashion world in a big way. One simple example is the change in hairstyles that you witness just when you start experiencing the weather becoming cold in winter or hot in summer. This time our year, however, is when most women are interested in learning more about fall hairstyles so here are some good options to help you out.

If you are thinking of re-vamping your style or undergoing a complete makeover, check out these hot trends and choose the one that is right for you!

Shoulder Length Shaggy Style

Do you have shoulder length hair? Well, it’s time to play around with it...

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The Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone • “Tips to Help You Out”

Emma Stone Long Straight Formal Updo Hairstyle with Layered Bangs - Copper Red Hair Color

If you have no idea what the right hair color for your pale cool skin is, let these tips help you out.

There’s no better way to establish a classic look or make a splashy statement than with your hair color. Not only can you use your hair color to create an attention-drawing look, but you can also use it to highlight and enhance your overall look. The best way to do this is to ensure that your hair color; regardless of whether it’s natural looking or bright and wild, is one that works with your skin tone.

When you have the perfect hair color, it’s easy to create an effortless look no matter your hairstyle. Choosing what hair color is perfect for you can sometimes be easier said than done, however, the wrong choice can bring your look down...

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Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger and Complexion Brighter

As you age try these hairstyles that make you look younger and more radiant.

While there are lots of things you can’t control about getting older, there are some hairstyles that make you look younger and simple things you can do defy your age. Kris Jenner looks radiant here in a longer version of a pixie cut that has a grown out feel to it. Her hairstyle is ideal for medium to thick hair and will work for a variety of face shapes.

The wrong cut or color can add years to your look, just as the right hairdo can take years off. To stop your hairstyle from aging you, give the following easy adjustments a try.

Adjust Your Hair Length

Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger - Med Length Hairstyle on womwn over 50

There is no right or wrong hair length to have at any particular age and you shouldn’t cut your locks or keep your hair at a longer length just because you hear...

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The Casual Short Crop • Ideas for an Everyday Hairstyle

Casual Short Crop Styling Ideas – Get Some New Inspiration for Your Short Hair with These

“In the search to find the right look for you, the casual short crop is a style  everyone should try at least once.”

For some short hair-styling inspiration, when it comes to creating different looks suitable for everyday wear, you just can’t go past the casual crop.

In the search to find the right look for you, there are some must here are some haircuts that everyone should try at least once. Check them out here and then give them a go when you’re ready for a new look.

Casual Short Crop with Top Volume

Casual Short Crop Hairstyle wtih back combing and volumeJust because your hair is short and close to the scalp doesn’t mean you have to wear your hair slicked down...

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Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas for Any Hair Texture and Occasion

Taylor Swift Pony Tail Haistyle

Easily Style Your Hair is with These Great Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas!

“Ponytails can easily be enhanced with hair accessories such as headbands, hair pins, and fancy hair elastics.”

While the humble ponytail hairstyle is certainly an easy hairstyle to try when you’re short on time, there’s much more to this stunningly simple updo. Just adding a few different techniques when styling, or wearing your ponytail high, low, or with hair accessories can make all the difference and give you a range of looks versatile enough for any occasion.

To see what we mean, try these tips the next time you’re styling your ponytail, and give the great looks of the following celebrity ponytails a try.

Pony Tail Tips

Ponytails that are styled loose and with height through the front section (i.e...

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High Forehead Hairstyles • Cleverly Use These Styles to Detract Attention

Flatter your high forehead with these hairstyle ideas.

“Celebs find clever ways to cover up their high foreheads.”

High foreheads are a great feature to have—apparently, they signify intelligence, openness and a high IQ, but from a beauty perspective, many women want to cover them up…or at least minimize their appearance. If you find yourself in this category, have no fear.

These Hollywood beauties are in the same boat, and have found clever ways to cover up their high foreheads.

Long Waves and Side Swept Bangs

Carrie Underwood's hight forehead hairstyle is a long wavy style with side swept bangs to distratc form high foreheadCarrie Underwood cleverly uses her long waves to detract attention from her high forehead. Because full-on bangs would not suit her oblong face shape, she has used a side-swept wavy fringe instead, which looks fabulous and brings the attention to her hazel eyes.

Glossy Waves and...

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Hairstyle Ideas for a Chic Layered Look

Long layered hairstyle with curls and waves

If you love a layered hairstyle, check out these 4 great hairstyle ideas!

“Textured layers, such as the ones seen here, can add some lovely shape to your look.”

Adding layers to your hairstyle can give you versatile new styling options and even help you to get things like unruly curls under control.

Even just a few layers can transform your look or help your hair to sit like never before. If you haven’t tried a hairstyle with layers yet, then these tips and ideas should convince you to give one a go!

Layered hairstyles also look fabulous too, so if already love the look, or want to try them out for the first time, then these layered hairstyle ideas are for you! Layered hairstyles remain one of the most popular hairstyle choices every year, simply because of the versatility and finish the...

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Sexy Evening Hairstyle Ideas with Curls and Waves

Mid length evening hairstyle old hollywood waves and middle part

If you thought wearing curls weren’t an option for you, then this look should change your mind!

Perfect for a party or dinner date, these curly and wavy hairstyle ideas will have you looking your best on a night out!

If the only idea you can think of is to pull your locks back into an updo, however, then you’re missing out of some very easy evening styles that are suitable for everyday wear and a cinch to style. Check out some great options below!

Evening Hairstyle with Side Styled Waves

Evening brunette hairstyle with side swept curls smokey eyesThis is a great day to night option. During the day you can wear your waves loose, and for night-time, side style and pin them into place with hair pins.

Update your makeup with a smokey eye look and a deep lipstick shade and your look will be complete.

Long Evening Hairstyle with Pinned Back Curls

Evening hairstyle with pinned back curlsWhile l...

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Easy Evening Hairstyle Ideas for Your Hair Length

Evening Hairstyle Ideas for Short, Medium and Long Hair

“Find the perfect evening hairstyle for your length with these ideas.”

Going out, whether it’s a regular occurrence or only limited to a few times a year, is a great chance to do something wonderful with your hair. To help you find a great evening look, check out these ideas for short, medium and long length hair!

Evening Hairstyle for Short Hair with Side Part

Short blonde evening hairstyle This hairstyle for short hair boasts just enough volume and bounce to give some sassy edge, but enough smoothness and class to create a beautiful evening look.

The deep side hair part and side swept over the ear style also gives it the right finish to show of a fabulous pair of earrings for the evening!

Evening Hairstyle f...

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Color Treated Hair: Haircut, Hair Color and Hair Product Advice

“Find out what will work best for your color treated hair with this hair advice.”

“With a huge variety of hair color options available, how you decide to color your hair, or which shade to have, is really up to you.”

When it comes to hair products, the choice should always be anything that is going to help enhance and retain your hair color. Use this advice to decide on the haircut, hair color and hair products that will make the most of your colored locks.

The Hair Cut

The aim when it comes to a haircut for color treated hair is to get a look that will show your color off to its best advantage. That may mean a blunt, one length cut for a solid color. Or a look that involves only minimal layering for those with highlights to ensure the finished result does not look too choppy.

If your col...

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Celebrity Hair Mid Length Makeovers • Get Inspired!

“Get Inspired to Change your Locks with These Celebrity Mid-length Makeover Looks!”

“Going from long hair to a mid-length hairstyle will transform your look and health of your hair.”

“One thing you’ll instantly notice when going from long hair to a mid-length hairstyle is how much of a difference it’ll make to the look and health of your hair.”

If you think only a drastic change in hair color or chopping off all your locks is the only way to invigorate your hair then think again!

By growing or cutting your hair to a medium length hairstyle, you can give your locks a new lease on life and plenty of versatile styling options, as these celebrity hairstyles show!

Fergie – Long Straight Hair to Mid-Length Wavy

Fergie Medium Wavy Casual Hairstyle - Light Ash Blonde

One thing you’ll instantly notice when going from long hair to a mid-length hair...

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Should I Get Bangs or Not: Pros and Cons of Bang Hairstyles

Brunette med length bang hairstyle with layers

“Bangs can Transform Your Look Very Easily and Take it From Bland to Bam”

“Check out these pros and cons for bangs to help you decide if they’re right for you.”

Bangs are renowned for either giving you the last puzzle piece to a great hairstyle, or a massive hairstyle mistake that you want to take back as soon as you see what you’ve done!

If you don’t want to get caught out, find out if bangs are the look for you by weighing up these pros and cons.

Pro: Bangs Add Glam!

Red hairstyle side swept bangsBangs can transform your look very easily and take it from bland to bam- instantly. Full, blunt cut bangs will perk up a straight haired look, or a side swept fringe can add a chic touch to an updo.

Regardless of the style, if a glamorous look is what you want, then definitely consider bangs.”

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5 Photo Perfect Makeup Tips

make up tip for long blonde hairstyle

“If you want to look good in any photo follow these 5 makeup tips!”

“Make sure your blush is on and your eye shadow is evident enough to give color to your eye area.”

While your makeup can look perfect in the mirror, just one flash of the camera can reveal the weakness in your look.

Not enough coverage or bad formula choices are just some of the problems in your application that a photo can reveal. If you want to look great every time a picture is snapped, try out these makeup tips!

Always Apply Your Makeup in Natural Light

The tinge on a bathroom or overhead light can really lull you into a false sense when applying your makeup...

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