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The hair styles are pictures of real people, with real hairstyles and hairdos. We now feature a few pictures of celebrity hairstyles. Visit the Hair Tips section where you will find practical information to help you choose a hairstyle along with hair care advice - Face Shape and Hair, How to Choose the Hairstyle Right for You.

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Bang and Fringe Hairstyles

34 files, last one added on Jan 26, 2012
Album viewed 8401 times

Short Hairstyles


Short Hairstyles and Pixie Cuts

94 files, last one added on May 29, 2012
Album viewed 24405 times

Medium Length Hairstyles


Medium Length Hairstyles

61 files, last one added on May 29, 2012
Album viewed 23051 times

Short Curly Hairstyles


Short Curly Hair Styles

15 files, last one added on Jan 26, 2012
Album viewed 5300 times

Long Hairstyles


Long Hairstyles

73 files, last one added on Apr 06, 2012
Album viewed 8519 times

Long Curly Hairstyles


Long Curly Hairstyles

47 files, last one added on Aug 29, 2011
Album viewed 4707 times



Updo Hairstyles

44 files, last one added on Mar 14, 2011
Album viewed 2986 times

Girls Hairstyles


Girls Hairstyles

23 files, last one added on Nov 15, 2010
Album viewed 2531 times

African American Hairstyles


African American Hairstyles

51 files, last one added on Oct 20, 2016
Album viewed 3757 times

Wedding Hairstyles


Wedding Hairstyles

27 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2011
Album viewed 2607 times

Braided Hairstyles


Braided Hairstyles

12 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2011
Album viewed 2399 times

Prom Hairstyles


Prom Hairstyles

8 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2011
Album viewed 1683 times

Mens Hairstyles


Men Hairstyles

62 files, last one added on Jan 26, 2012
Album viewed 2185 times

1950s Hairstyles


1950s Hairstyles

14 files, last one added on Nov 28, 2007
Album viewed 665 times

1960s Hairstyles


1960s Hairstyles

10 files, last one added on Jul 13, 2009
Album viewed 1160 times

Boys Hairstyles


Boys Hairstyles

4 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2011
Album viewed 394 times

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Curly Hair - A Curly Hair Guide to Looking Good

Long Curly Hairstyle Picture

The straight look might be the in thing now but curly hair definitely continues to be in fashion. Through ages, naturally curly hair has been a proof of beauty, versatility and sexiness that is usually considered lacking in the straight hair.

For instance, look at Hollywood star Minnie Driver. The brunette's sexy curls make her a favorite among photographers and also among the best looking divas who continue to be unfazed by the straight hair look that's sweeping in.

Depending on your face shape and personality, curly hair can be remodeled into a range of hairstyles that can look sleek as well sexy at the same time. If it is of the medium length leave it loose and let it frame your face in an umbrella like fashion, naturally defining your facial features. At the same time, it will soften the contours of your face and give you a fresh youthful look.
In fact, layers look great on curly hair. A professional hairstylist will know the exact layers and style that will flatter the face shape. This kind of hair usually is best if left loose.

Curly hair does not necessarily mean that you are out of fashion. Take, for example, Sarah Jessica Parker, another celebrity with curly hairstyle credentials that are beyond question.  She carries her hairstyle with elan, and despite the current straight hair fashion trend, refuses to alter the natural wave of her hair thus compromising her hair's health. Curly unlike straight hair, never has the chance to look limp and boring.

What is then the best curly hairstyle to have? Well, experts suggest that the best curly hairstyle that you can have is the one that combines your hairstyle as well as the care for your hair. If you are blessed with naturally curly air, love it. Nourish it and take care of it instead of going to extreme limits to straighten it to be a part of the fashion crowd. Apart from long flowing wavy hair, short cults too look great on curly hair. Make a short bob that envelops your face and you can retain for a long time your youthful schoolgirl look.

Choose a hairstylist who understands your basic hair structure and respects curls. He will know ways to cut your curly hair to make you look and feel fashionable. Do not go to hairstylist who will make you feel down for having a hair that cannot be easily straightened. Remember, the whole idea is to look good and glamorous and not just to have a straight hair and be in fashion. 
Keep in mind that it is quite tough to maintain curly hair than it is to manage other hair types. So make sure that you take proper care of your hair and especially wash them daily.  Do not brush or comb them too vigorously as they tend to damage the natural shape of the hair. Consequently, the hair will look very drab and dull.
Perms might be out of fashion, but curly and wavy hair are still very much in. So do not be disheartened if you have curly hair; make the best use of your hairstylist that brings out the best in your hair and makes you proud of your curls.
Remember, straightening might not be good for the health of your hair, especially if it is very curly.

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Long Hairstyle PicturesLong Hairstyles with fine or thin long hair worn straight usually will look very boring. However when pinned back it will appear to have more fullness especially if you roll the hair on curlers.

Picture of Long Curly HairstyleLong Wavy/Curly Hairstyles although classic and feminine are probably the most sexy. For round faces this hairstyle is better than completely straight hair. Either naturally wavy or gently permed it will conceal wide cheek bones.

Medium Hairstyle PicturesMedium Length Hairstyles are easy to take care of and style than longer hairstyles yet more versatile than shorter hairstyles. Medium hairstyles match most facial shapes well as there is just enough hair complimenting the facial region and enhancing other features.

Short Hairstyle PicturesShort Hairstyles Short Hairstyles are generally best with an elongated oval face, are quick to blow dry or air-dry and can be styled with a little mouse or gel. Canada- Mosaic